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The Equipment for the extraction and treatment of raw materials business group specializes in the supply of technologies for the extraction of raw materials by surface and deep methods, beneficiation of ores and coal, technologies for the production of gravel, concrete, asphalt, slag processing and recycling.

It also offers solutions for the long-distance transport of raw materials and their storage.

Special emphasis is placed on the complexity of deliveries, including own technological solutions, the development of design and technical documentation, including the provision of project financing.

What we do

  • Design, supply and assembly of mechanized mine complexes for coal mining
  • Long-distance belt transport of raw materials and their storage

  • Design, supply and assembly of technological lines for mining and processing of ores and aggregates
  • Slag processing and construction waste recycling equipment
  • Other related technologies

Engineering services

  • Own technological solutions
  • Elaboration of design and technical documentation
  • Complete turnkey implementation of the work

  • Training of the customer’s staff
  • Lending our own technical specialists to introduce new mining and processing technologies
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