je jedna z nejvýznamnějších českých obchodně engineeringových společností, které působí na teritoriu střední a východní Evropy.



What we do

ALTA is a commercial and industrial group that operates on the markets of Eastern and Central Europe and has recently expanded its scope to other countries as well.

In the field of export, it specializes in the supply of investment units, machine tools, technologies for the extraction and processing of ore and other raw materials, equipment for the production of building materials and metallurgy, and trade in other machine-industry products.

In the field of imports, the company focuses primarily on the field of energy.

About us

The ALTA Group is formed by the mother company ALTA Invest, a.s. and its Czech and foreign subsidiaries, which provide a wide range of business, engineering, production and financial services in a number of industrial areas. The business activities of the ALTA group are mainly carried out through the company ALTA, a.s.

In addition to normal business activities, the company increasingly fulfills the role of general supplier of investment units, both during the implementation of new production technologies as well as during the reconstruction and modernization of existing production capacities. Through its own potential and specialized design partner organizations, it ensures the processing of project documentation for its customers and provides the necessary technical assistance. Together with the delivery of equipment, it provides customers with extensive engineering support in the area of ​​implementation new production technologies. This area can undoubtedly be ranked among the areas with the highest development possibilities.

  • ALTA is an active member of the Chamber for Economic Relations with the CIS, the Regional Economic Chamber of Brno, the Engineering Technology Association, the Czech Energy Alliance, the Czech Nuclear Society and was one of the founding members of INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0.

Our work

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ALTA, a.s.
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Česká republika

+420 541 550 111

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