Coal processing equipment

DREWBOY wheeled heavy-liquid separator, planters, crushers

Coal processing equipment

Equipment – Drewboy

DREWBOY is a wheeled heavy-liquid separator in which the batch is separated into two products. The heavy liquid suspension consists of water and magnetite of the required concentration. The batch to the separator is brought to the level of the tank in which the washing liquid is located. A diagonally placed removal wheel removes the fallen fraction (tailings) from the bottom of the tank. The floating fraction is raised from the surface by the slats of the discharge drum.

Coal processing equipment

Equipment – Planters

The process of separating in planters belongs to the group of dynamic gravitational separating. It is based on the distribution of raw material grains according to density (specific gravity) and size in an alternating upward and downward vertical flow of water. Planters are used for the grain size fraction of coal 0.5 – 120 mm.

Coal processing equipment

Equipment – raw coal transport

  • Belt conveyors: Mechanical conveyors with a traction device in the form of an endless belt guided and driven by rollers or a flat surface.
  • Construction of conveyors: flat, trough, fixed, mobile, traveling, horizontal, inclined, steep, vertical, bent (convex and concave)
  • Materials used for production: ordinary, hot-dip galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum.
  • Performances of conveyors: they are determined by the useful cross-section of the material, which determines the shape of the structure (width, height) as well as the angle of the material and the speed of movement of the material, the slope of the structure. With greater slopes, it is necessary to use profiled belts, which affect the performance of the belt conveyor with their profile.
  • Conveyor parts: material hoppers and discharges, support structures, belt wipers, rainwater covers, leveling reservoirs, scales of transported material, belt movement control, carriages.
Coal processing equipment

Equipment – crushers

Two-cylinder crushers with toothed cylinders are used for coarse and medium crushing of easily to moderately crushing raw materials. They are particularly suitable for crushing raw materials with admixture of sticky and greasy components. The construction of the crushers is simple and they are also characterized by operational reliability. Crushing takes place between two counter-rotating rollers.

Coal processing equipment

Equipment – input sorting and crushing

The input material is fed into the rotary drum. The paddles on the drum raise the material to a height, which subsequently falls and the brittle material (coal) is broken and falls out through the holes in the drum. Hard, unbroken material (stone) is pushed forward and taken out. The material from the mine is fed to the vibrating screen. Sub-mesh from 0-Xmm falls through and is transported by conveyor to the processing plant. The excess from the sorters falls onto the transfer belt, where wood, plastic and metal are removed. Depending on the characteristics of the input material and technological requirements, the over-screened material is crushed in a crusher or transported to a rotary drum for descaling (Bradford).