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The Engineering units business group provides optimal technological solutions through delivered investment units and in the form of deliveries of individual machines. It is a representative of TOS KUŘIM – OS, a.s. and ČKD BLANSKO-OS, a.s. on the markets of Ukraine and CIS countries. At the same time, it cooperates with all major engineering manufacturers in the Czech Republic and Europe.

The Engineering units business group handles sales of:

  • machine tools from Czech factories
  • machine tools from other factories
  • forming machines
  • automated lines and operations
  • other commodities

Engineering units

Production of semi-finished products

  • forming (forging, pressing, …)
  • plastic and rubber processing (injection, extrusion, pressing, rolling)
  • foundry technology
Engineering units

Processing of semi-finished products and production of final products

  • machine/mechanical machining
    • turning
    • milling
    • drilling
    • planing and shaping
    • pulling
    • grinding
  • special machining methods
    • electroerosive
    • electrospark
    • unconventional methods (laser, water jet, ultrasound, …)
Engineering units

Surface finishing

  • powder coating line
  • painting line
  • metallization
Engineering units

Assembly and testing

  • manual and automatic assembly
  • joining materials
  • test equipment
Engineering units


  • manual inspection of individual parts and products
  • automatic inspection workplace
  • non-destructive and other inspection methods
Engineering units

 Automated control systems at all levels

  • creation and transmission of data, decision-making and control activities at the workplace, cell, and operation levels
  • control systems for individual devices at PLC levels and higher
Engineering units

 Process monitoring and higher control systems

  • visualization of processes, decision-making and control processes from individual action members, nodes, devices, lines and data transmission to a higher level of control
Engineering units

 Delivery of complete turnkey projects

  • Multifunctional machining centers
  • Forming or forging lines
  • Machining lines and robotic workplaces
  • Foundry lines
  • Technological supplies for the machine industry
  • Equipment for the preparation and division of the semi-finished product
  • Welding equipment and lines
  • Elaboration of a technical solution
  • Elaboration of project documentation
  • Delivery, assembly and commissioning
  • Training consultation


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